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    Special thanks to all the 10 year olds out there for making all those music lyric videos on Youtube


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  2. #me

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  4. Kt Spit- Brenda Walsh

    old song and video from when i lived w samuel an all i knew how to do was loop a fleetwood mac intro on garage band an press a drum pad for 3 minutes but it was a lovely time <3 

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  5. "I wanna say: heal yourself. Find a way to create, create in an alternative method. Don’t always look to pick up a stupid guitar to create. As a matter of fact, burn the guitars and drums immediately. Not that everybody should play electronic music, but what about a tuba, saxophones, washboards… Forget everything you’ve learned or consumed as a cultural consumer and try to create your own genre, whether it’s with painting, with photography, with music, with film. That’s all I can say"
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    1. friend: says something that vaguely references song lyric

  8. Anonymous said: I need sexual healing

    well don’t look at me i need everything. 

  9. Our sublet in Berlin has a water bed and a projector(???) and we figured out how to order a projector adaptor for our laptops and it’s arrived 😭😭😭😭🙌🙌🙌🙌


  10. Anonymous said: Hey kt. I browsed yr blog last night and can't get out of my head abt how you said you left aust after hyperthyroid diagnosis. A couple of friends were undiagnosed for too long and I also exhibit signs of maybe something beginning. But I am writing to say if anything I hope you have some medication w you bcos the body is dependent on the thyroid to function, if it's out of balance the body basically starts attacking itself and the flow on effects are slow but harder to reverse the longer...


    thanku. would u consider writing to me off anon so i can reply? Its ok if not :) but no i don’t have any meds. I didn’t have access to them unless i stayed and waited to see a specialist which was not possible for me at the time. I have had a drastically different trip to the one i planned  will be cutting my trip short an going home to get treatment soon <3

  11. everything is nothing like it was meant 2 b. kt spit, new york 14


  13. Anonymous said: Are you a slut?

    Yeeeahhh that question is so meta to me like yeah maybe in principle but I would probably b more of one if I could all this trauma is kind of holding me back I feel