i procrastinate so much i’ll probably put off death and never die

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THIS is happening!!!! <3 !UNDERPASS + KT SPIT USA 2014  + film screenings by SAMUEL SHANAHOY of Queen Bee Empire! check out the dates here and click to attend for updates :* ;) <3

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Anonymous asked: Yes. Hundred percent yes. Get old and ugly ily.


ok i ily2

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Will u still love me when I&#8217;m no longer young and beautiful

Will u still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful

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stephypoop asked: Are you in Berkeley?! I swear I just saw you're doppelgänger walking down telegraph!


no i m absolutely not sadly :( Im in my room in melbourne trying to finish a song and watching star trek ds9. 

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My friend Simonas who is totally incredible just released an album she has been working on for 5 years an it’s beautiful. She’s also mixing and mastering my album and i feel so blessed <3 

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if u try and fuck w any system it will do anything it can to sustain itself as is an so will everyone who is part of it including u  

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Aamer Rahman talks about ‘random’ security tests at the airport. 

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OMG i had a dream that i made videos with highly descriptive songs about people who ve pissed me off this yr and showed each of them..

and then some1 showed everyone an everyone was totally shocked and people i didn’t know were like u r AMAZING but everyone i nu hated me.

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